Baby food at 6 months


Baby food Weaning is started at 6 months age. In ADDITION to breast milk, you can start any of the following. Home based food is preferable to ready to eat food. 

Only introduce one new food per week.

Your baby may spit it out. You have to be patient and try the same for one week till the baby accepts the new food. Start with 1-2 spoons. If your baby is accepting, slowly increase upto 5 spoons.

If your baby’s weight is less, add sugar or jaggery as needed. It increases calories. Small quantity of salt is acceptable with vegetables. Ghee can be added to ragi if baby’s weight is less.

8 AM Idli With sugar/milk ½ to 1 piece
10 AM Carrot soup (weekly 5 times) OR Cook carrot in pressure cooker. Filter and give only clear water without vegetables 2-5 spoon
  Keerai soup(weekly 2 times) Cook any keerai. Filter and give Clear water only. 2-5 spoon
2 PM Fruits Cook apple or banana and mash finely. 2-5 spoon
5 PM Ragi OR Rice Kanji OR Sprouted Ragi can be dried in sun, powdered and given as kanji. 2-5 spoon
  Cerelac/nestum Mix one spoon in 25 ml of hot water. 2-5 spoon
Diet Chart for Babies

If you have any doubts regarding weaning, call 9626893006 for clarifications.

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