Color of motion

Baby motion colour

Are you worried that your baby motion colour is different? Color of motionFear not, for we are here to help decipher it.


When your baby is born, the first motion is coloured black. It is called meconium and helps to remove the waste that the baby swallowed when inside the mother’s womb. In 2-3 days, the colour will change to yellow.


Later, when only given mother’s milk. babies will pass 3-4 somewhat watery motion every day. Mostly it happens immediately after feeding the baby.

If you give formula like Lactogen or Nan, the motion will look thick and greenish dark. Also it is passed only once a day usually. A very dark colour motion might be because of Iron syrup started for some babies. No need to worry.
Might be because the mother keeps changing the breast at each time of feeding. Don’t do this. Only change the breast after one side of breast is completely empty. Some Viral infection can also cause this.
Some babies pass motion only in five to seven days. If their stomach is not swollen, don’t worry again.
Call your doctor immediately if you see :

Might be because of blood in the stool.
WHITE : This is possible in liver diseases.
in case of any doubts or for appointments please call  Paediatrician, 9500690545 

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