Nebulisation in Kids

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Nebuliser Machine : Side effects?

What is Nebulisation?

Nebulisation makes the medicine into a fine gas like mist which will enter the lungs. Nebuliser is mainly used for asthma in kids and also when they have a severe breathing difficulty due to infections like cold or cough. It can help in relief of congestion and make even a coughing child sleep at night.

How should you use a nebuliser?

Take the respule, break it and pour into the nebuliser chamber. Use correct size mask and fit it properly over the face making sure it covers the mouth and nose without a gap. Nebulise atleast for 10 minutes. Slightly tap the chamber if the liquid appears to be empty. 

Is it safe for kids?

Since children cannot spit sputum like adults, nebulisation will loosen the secretions, relieves congestion and make child sleep peacefully. It can also lowers cough severity.

Can nebuliser be used at home?

Generally it is not advised as the parent needs to have correct understanding to prevent issues. But if your doctor suggests you to, you can use at home. Stick to the frequency of nebulisation as recommended by him as overdosage can cause side effects.

Can child be addicted to nebulisation?

No. Infact, nebulisation uses less than 20 times the dose found in cough syrups.

Is there any side effect to nebulisers?

If used incorrectly, side effects are possible. These include
Tremor or shaking of hands. Especially when writing.
Throat irritation/Fungal infection. 
So kindly follow Doctor’s recommendation strictly.

Can I buy and use nebuliser medicines without consulting Paediatrician?

No. Because using them unnecessarily can cause lot of problems. Only use if your doctor prescribes. 

If you have any doubts about nebulisation, kindly call 9500690545 for clarification and appointments for Asthma Clinic. 


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